Clear glass award sits on table with front reception of district building in background Outstanding Commitment to Inclusive Hiring

Abbotsford School District Honoured for Leading Inclusive Hiring

October 18, 2023

The Abbotsford School District received the notable "Outstanding Commitment to Inclusive Hiring" award at the 2023 Inclusive Employer Excellence Awards, held at the Clarion Hotel in Abbotsford on October 11. This recognition celebrates the district's pioneering efforts in creating an inclusive workforce, from innovative recruitment strategies to comprehensive employee support.

The Inclusive Employer Excellence Awards (IEEA) acknowledge organizations in Abbotsford that go the extra mile to promote diversity and inclusivity in their workplaces. The Abbotsford School District has distinguished itself by actively employing individuals with a wide range of abilities and providing work experience opportunities.

"The Abbotsford School District's commitment to building a progressive workforce is a pivotal component of our Strategic Plan," said Korky Neufeld, Chair for the Abbotsford Board of Education. "Our receipt of the 'Outstanding Commitment to Inclusive Hiring' award symbolizes our district's visionary leadership and innovation in recognizing the unique talents and perspectives of every individual. This award is not just a celebration of our achievements but a reaffirmation of our commitment to building a progressive workforce that not only embraces inclusivity but champions it, paving the way for a brighter future."

A noteworthy initiative demonstrating the district’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity is the creation of Special Assistant positions. Through partnerships with organizations like Communitas, the district has updated employment contracts to offer members opportunities for learning, working, and succeeding within the Abbotsford School District. This program showcases the district's dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that breaks traditional boundaries.

About the Inclusive Employer Excellence Awards

The Inclusive Employer Excellence Awards (IEEA) is organized, planned, and presented by four community partners working in Abbotsford: Archway Community Services, Bethesda, Communitas Supportive Care Society, and WorkBC. The annual event recognizes and celebrates Abbotsford employers who are going above and beyond to create inclusive workplaces for people of all abilities. This includes actively employing, and providing work experience placements, community advocacy, and other activities related to including persons with diverse abilities in the workplace.