District Colours

The Power of Colour

Consistent use of our colours is critical to a clear and recognizable identity for our district and schools. Think about sports teams, for example. You know them by their colours even if you don’t see their mascot or symbol. The same holds true for our corporate identity. Colours matter.







District Primary Colours

Our primary colours are used in the logo as well as various design devices and background colours. Cyan Blue provides an airy, modern tone. It relates to blue skies and open seas, opportunity and progress. It is a classic colour that won’t feel trendy.

District Secondary Colours

The secondary palette of colours for the District provides similarly toned colours such as green or mustard but also some bright, contrasting tones in orange and magenta. A darker blue is an accent that is used in font subheads and layout elements. These colours speak to the diversity and vitality that exists in our schools and people.