District Fonts

Trust us: Fonts and Type Matter

While we consciously notice changes in colour or size more readily, the shapes of things influences us profoundly. Consider how pre-literate children differentiate visual information. Fonts are a distinct shape, and therefore extremely important.

Use any font you like as long as it is Calibri

It’s not your typical water cooler talk, but fonts are very significant to strong visual communication. The Internet provides access to thousands of fonts, but for our collective benefit, we’ll use just one: Calibri.

One School District, One Font Family

Though usually subconscious, our consistent use of fonts is an immediate identifier of our brand. It's easy, so let's use Calibri. It's is available on virtually every computer, and it easily translates from print to electronic materials.

Let’s Keep it Civilized

It’s always fun to get a little wacky every now and then. But not in our official communications. When communicating on behalf of your school or the district, let your quality CONTENT speak for itself. This is where clarity and consistently always trump 'creativity'. Using the official fonts consistently will more powerfully remind people of the team you represent.