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School District launches updated websites with increased accessibility features

March 8, 2023

Families, students, employees and community members of the Abbotsford School District are experiencing increased functionality and accessibility with the launch of upgraded websites across the district this month. At the end of February, all district and school websites throughout the organization showcased a new look and feel as the large-scale web migration project concluded.

While preparation for the upgrades began in the fall of 2022 as the district's Communications Department worked with web developers to prepare for the migration to a new system, this project has been on the docket for several years. The upgraded system includes key features like: 

  • a built-in translation tool;
  • enhanced search capabilities;
  • integrated accessibility features; 
  • modern visual changes to font, colour and images;
  • responsive design layout optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile; and 
  • revised menu navigation based on user testing, website analytics and research.  

More than just a facelift, the new websites have been updated to make them lightweight, modular and fast by removing old content, images and page redundancies dating back to when the system was first launched in 2012. These improvements to the back end of the system are a key part of what makes it easily adaptable to modern devices and accessible to everyone. 

Share Your Feedback! 

With any upgrade and file migration of this size, there may be some anomalies that we’re asking visitors to report. Located in the bottom right-hand corner of each website, visitors will find a blue feedback button where comments can be submitted directly to our web developers.

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